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Consultant for IBM Notes/Domino, Microsoft Exchange 2013/2016, Office 365 and related infrastructure

Nationality: german
Place of work: worldwide


Solving competency even with difficult and long-standing IT Problems
Integration and connection of different IT systems, technologies and components

Languages:                         English – fluent, arabic – Level A2, Czech – Level A2
Operating systems:           Windows 2016/2012,2008, Windows 10,8,7,XP, Linux, OS/400, VMWare ESX
Computer languages:       LotusScript, PowerShell, C, PC-Assembler, REXX, Java, Basic
Databases:                         Microsoft SQL-Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, MariaDB
Application server:           Microsoft Sharepoint
Technics:                            TCP/IP, SQL, Active Directory, Group policies, WMI, UML, DFS



Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert:                          
    -  Productivity – MCSE Exchange 2016
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA):
    - Office 365
IBM Certified System Administrator
    - Lotus Notes and Domino 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 8.5
    - WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.0
IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer
    - Lotus Notes and Domino 5 / 6 / 7
IBM Certified Database Associate
    - DB2 9 Fundamentals
ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management ITV3F (EXIN)



Performance Tuning a Domino Infrastructure - IBM - SA410
AS/400 Lotus Domino (native) - IBM - 76SL21K
AS/400 System Control - IBM - 76S81
Development with Visual Age for Java - IBM - OB77GK
Assembler – CDI
Microprocessor technology – CDI
Development on Unix – CDI

Vocational training

Programmer | 1982/1983 | BfD – Berufsfachschule für Datenverarbeitung
    - Cobol with practical exercise, Basic with practical exercise, systematic programming
Datenverarbeitungskaufmann | 1984/1985 | DAG-Schule
    - business economics, accounting, commercial arithmetic, industrial management, data processing, Basic, Cobol, Host Assembler, Programming


Duration 01.2017 - 01.2017
Line of business craft industry
Customer 70
Place of Work munich/remote
Project title consultant for an application migration
Project role support
Tools/Products MySQL, Apache, PHP
Skills Analysis, Migration
Project tasks migrate an application for a provider to inhouse servers


Duration 12.2016 - 12.2016


Line of business consumer goods industry
Customer 51000
Place of Work Düsseldorf
Project title Consultant
Project role Consultant
Tools/Products IBM Lotus Notes, SAP JCo, C, LotusScript
Skills Analysis, C, LotusScript
Project tasks problem analysis of a lotus notes program which transfers data to SAP develop a program in the computer language C to check the communication to different SAP instances repair the program repair some other found problems in the application


Duration 01.2016 - 12.2016


Line of business  
Place of Work  
Project title planned time out for further training
Project tasks  


Duration 10.2013 - 12.2015


Line of business insurances/financial services
Customer 11000
Place of Work Hamburg
Project title administrative support during a software migration / second level support
Project role administrator/second-level-support
Tools/Products Outlook 2003, Outlook 2013, Exchange 2013, IBM Notes 7, IBM Domino 8, XenApp 6.5, BlackBerry Server 5, Peregrine Service Center
Skills collaboration with external service providers, IMAP, SMTP, Powershell
Project tasks administrative support during the migration from IBM Notes/Domino to Microsoft Exchange second level-support Lotus Notes/Exchange/Outlook/BlackBerry-Server und -Devices development of powershell cmdlets to provide functions which are not available in the Exchange Administration Console analysis of SMTP and IMAP mail problems and the commmunication hardware


Duration 02.2012 - 05.2012


Line of business IT service provider for finacial organisations
Customer 3000
Place of Work Karlsruhe
Project title Lotus Notes Administration - Lotus Script development
Project role administrator/developer
Tools/Products LotusScript, Lotus Notes 8.5, Lotus Domino 8.5, Domino-Cluster, Lotus Traveler, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Enterprise Integrator, Tivoli Data Protection
Skills Analysis, Design
Project tasks Lotus Notes/Domino administration Perform IT changes Perform unfinished tasks Design of architectural concepts Documentation Development and implementation of test scenarios work ITIL compliant


Duration 03.2011 - 12.2011


Line of business Mechanical engineering and plant engineering
Customer 14000
Place of Work Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch
Project title Lotus Domino administrator
Project role administrator
Tools/Products Lotus Domino 8.5, Lotus Notes 8.5, Tivoli Data Protection, DAOS, iNotes, BlackBerry 5.0.3, Lotus Notes 6.5, Lotus Notes 7.0, Lotus Domino 6.5, Microsoft Outlook 2010
Skills Second-Level-Support
Project tasks Second Level Suport for Lotus Notes/Domino Second Level-Support for Microsoft Outlook 2010 Support for the international branches (Spain, Italy, Vietnam)


Duration 01.2011 - 01.2011


Line of business bavarian authority
Customer 150
Place of Work Munich
Project title Analysis of the Lotus Notes/Domino-environment
Project role Lotus Notes/Domino expert
Tools/Products Lotus Domino
Skills system analysis
Project tasks Best Practices analysis of the Lotus Notes/Domino-environment


Duration 07.2010 - 01.2011


Line of business Engineering and Services
Customer 160
Place of Work Mannheim
Project title Lotus Notes/Domino support/troubleshooting
Project role administrator/developer
Tools/Products BlackBerry 4.1, Lotus Domino 6.5, Lotus Domino 8.5, Lotus Domino 8.5 iNotes, Lotus Notes 6.5, Lotus Notes 8, Nagios, NetBackup, ScanMail for Domino, VMware ESX, SparxSystems Enterprise Architect
Skills system analysis, Cluster, Crash-Recovery, Multi Domain Environment, Server Restore, Server Upgrade, SAN, Troubleshooting
Project tasks Troubleshooting Lotus Domino Server after SAN defect for >3000 mail databases installation and configuration of a spare server Recovery of backup data Development of procedures for restoring and recovery of damaged restored data and automated control and integrity checks of mail files Reverse Engineering of the BlackBerry SQLServer database with SparxSystems Enterprise Architect for examine the release and patch status of all BlackBerry Devices Development of notes scripts for changing address fields in the Lotus domino directory for supporting the migration to Exchange Support for the international branches (Qatar)


Duration 10.2009 - 10.2009


Line of business retail company
Customer 346000
Place of Work Würzburg
Project title Consultant for BlackBerry
Project role Consultant
Tools/Products BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0
Skills Installation, Configuration, DMZ
Project tasks Advisory of the internal IT team in the installation, configuration and test of a blackberry BlackBerry Server with router in a DMZ and the connection to the internal BlackBerry Server Infrastructure


Duration 04.2009 - 08.2010


Line of business Production of basic chemical products
Customer 600
Place of Work Pullach near munich
Project title Consulting/development/Administartion
Project role 3rd Level Lotus Notes Admin
Tools/Products BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1.x, Lotus Domino 6.5, Lotus Domino 8.5, Lotus Notes 6.5, Lotus Notes 8.5, Lotus Traveler, Nagios, NetBackup, Lotus iNotes
Skills IDVault, Cluster, Astaro
Project tasks Upgrade Lotus Notes und Lotus Domino Configuration of IDVault Configuration of Policies reconfiguration of the cluster between USA and germany Installation of Nagios Remote -Reconfiguration of the Lotus Domino servers in USA Installation of a centralized Lotus Domino Backup Server in Germany Support for the international branches (USA, China)


Duration 03.2009 - 12.2010


Line of business Ingenieur- und IT-Dienstleistungen
Customer 10
Place of Work München/remote
Project title Beratung/Programmierung/Administration
Tools/Products Lotus Domino 6.5, Lotus Domino 8.5, Lotus Notes 6.5, Lotus Notes 8.5, BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1.x, VMware ESXi
Skills Server-Upgrade
Project tasks Beratung/Programmierung/Administration Lotus Notes Update Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 auf 8. Update Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) 4.1.3 auf 4.1.6 Aufbau ESXi-Server Installation Exchange-Server Konfiguration Astaro-Firewall Reverse-Engineering SQL-Server-Datenbank zur Vorbereitung auf eine Migration


Duration 09.2008 - 02.2009


Line of business Anlagenbau
Customer 5000
Place of Work Pullach bei München
Project title Lotus Notes-Administration Support
Project role Administrator, Second-Level-Supporter
Tools/Products Lotus Domino 6.5, Lotus Domino 8.5, Lotus Notes 6.5, Lotus Notes 8.5, Microsoft Sharepoint Search, Systems Management Server, Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI)
Skills Second-Level-Support, Softwaredeployment, Administration
Project tasks Lotus Notes Administration Deployment of new QuickR-Plugin packages Installation and Configuration of dictionaries on Sharepoint Search for engeineering tasks Support for the international branches (Italy, Arabia, China)


Duration 10.2007 - 07.2008


Line of business Electric utility
Customer 50000
Place of Work München
Project title Consulting and self-responsible project work
Project role Consultant
Tools/Products Apache, F5, Linux, Lotus Domino 5.0, Lotus Domino 7, Lotus Notes 5.0, Lotus Notes 6.5, Lotus Notes 7.0, Oracle Client, PHP, Remedy, Tivoli Data Protection for Domino, Tomcat, VMware ESX, Virus Scanner
Skills Cluster, Installation, IT Control Room, Configuration, Lotus Domino Server Partitionierung, cooperation with external service providers
Project tasks Upgrade of the Lotus Domino Environment from version 5.x to 7.x Architecture of the hardware configuration of the new servers and the disk layout Building a test environment on VMware and test run of the server upgrades in this test environment Upgrade of the servers in the production environment Installation of the Tivoli Data Protection for Domino Client on the servers Installation of the Virus Scanners on the servers Problem analyzes and productive deployment of the Altares Insider Management Software in cooperation with the software vendor Work in the IT Control Room for the e.on web applications Decommissiong of Lotus Domino Servers


Duration 06.2007 - 07.2007


Line of business management consultancy
Customer 10
Place of Work Munich
Project title Lotus Notes Developer
Project role Developer
Tools/Products Lotus Domino, Lotus Domino Global Workbench, Lotus Notes
Skills Development, Internationalization
Project tasks Enhancement of a german Lotus Notes application with an english user interface with Lotus Domino Global WorkBench


Duration 02.2007 - 05.2007


Line of business Glasproduktion
Customer 15000
Place of Work Jena
Project title Consultant
Project role Consultant
Tools/Products Lotus Notes 6.0, Lotus Notes 7.0, Remedy
Skills Documentation
Project tasks Development of a user documentation about the differences between Lotus Notes 6.x und 7 in german and english


Duration 01.2007 - 12.2007


Line of business Clinical Research
Customer 20
Place of Work Germering
Project title Infrastructur Consulting
Project role Consultant
Tools/Products Linux, Lotus Notes, VMware ESXi, Windows Server
Skills Virtualization, Cluster
Project tasks Infrastructure Consulting for Lotus Notes/Domino and VMware ESXi


Duration 01.2007 - 12.2007


Line of business patent attorney's office
Customer 20
Place of Work Munich
Project title Infrastructur Consulting
Project role Consultant
Tools/Products Apache, Postfix, Lotus Notes
Skills Consulting, Infrastructure
Project tasks Support and Consulting for the redesign and configuration of the Lotus Domino and fileserver infrastructure


Duration 08.2006 - 02.2007


Line of business financial services provider
Customer 4000
Place of Work Mainz
Project title Consultant
Project role Consultant
Tools/Products Citrix Presentation Server, Lotus Notes, MS-Office, VMware ESXi, Windows XP, VMware P2V-Assistant, Remedy
Skills Virtualization, Windows Registry, Problem Analysis
Project tasks Problem analysis of a problem with the MS-Office mailto functionality in a Citrix Environment Building of a test environment with Citrix on a VMware server Migration of the company standard client to a VM with VMware P2V Evaluation of the necessary registry values to solve the problem.


Duration 05.2005 - 11.2005


Line of business Islamic bank
Customer 1500
Place of Work Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
Project title Conception, Realizing, Test and go-live for the new Lotus Notes/Domino environment
Project role Consultant/Administrator/Developer
Tools/Products Lotus Sametime, LotusScript, Oracle Client, Tivoli Data Protection for Domino, ODBC, Lotus Notes Language Pack arabic, Symantec Mail and Security Gateway, Microsoft ISA-Server, Microsoft Exchange
Skills Active Directory, Backup, Cluster, Internationalization, Internet Gateway, Multi User Client, Pass-Through Server, Development, Policies, Roaming User, Silent Installation, VMware ESXi, collaboration with external providers
Project tasks Final Development of the Lotus Notes Environment Lotus Notes/Domino Administration Useradministration, Installation Language Pack arabic Configuration of an ODBC-Connection to the Oracle HR database with arabic characters to transfer the arabic names to the Lotus Domino Directory and Active Directory with an LotusScript routine and checking of the name transcription to Western Characters Configuration of an Pass-Through Server for external access to Lotus Notes Development of an Setup package for the Silent-Installation of an Multiuser Notes Client Configuration of Organizational Policies Configuration of the Roaming User Functionality Migration of Exchange mailboxes to Lotus Notes Mailfiles Collaboration with external providers (Saudi Business Machines - SBM) Supervising the help desk staff in matters of Lotus Notes/Domino


Duration 01.2004 - 09.2004


Line of business Distribution of financial products
Customer 14000
Place of Work Frankfurt am Main
Project title Planing, Realizing and go-live of a Lotus Notes/Domino based Intranet/Internet infrastructure
Project role Consultant/Administrator/Developer
Tools/Products Linux, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, VMware ESX, Windows Server, IBM DB2, IBM WebSphere, Netcache
Skills Cluster, collaboration with external service providers, Lotus Domino Server Partitionierung, Web-Portal, web applications
Project tasks Consulting and Administration for an Intrante/Internet Portal, Infrastructure and High Availability, Cluster, Performance, Troubleshooting, Coordination with external service providers, Installation of application servers on VMware ESX Administration of the Netcache Appliance Setting up an SOAP interface to an mail provider


Duration 01.2001 - 12.2002


Line of business Distribution of financial products
Customer 14000
Place of Work Frankfurt am Main
Project title Planing, Realizing and go-live of a Lotus Notes/Domino based Intranet/Internet infrastructure
Project role Consultant/Administrator/Developer
Tools/Products IBM DB2 7.2, IBM Director , IBM WebSphere 3.5, Linux, Lotus Domino 5, NetApp-Filer, Netcache, Windows 2000 Server
Skills Administration, Cluster, collaboration with external service providers, Development, LDAP
Project tasks Systemadministration and und -development Administration and administrative development of an Intranet/internet portal for 25000 Sales Representatives with Lotus Domino R5, IBM WebSphere 3.5, IBM DB2 7.2, Ldap on Lotus Domino-Basis, Windows Server 2000, Performance Tuning of the NetApp-Filer for Lotus Domino


Duration 10.2000 - 12.2000


Line of business Telecommunication Provider
Customer 4500
Place of Work Munich
Project title Administrator and Developer
Project role Administrator und Programmierer
Tools/Products Lotus Notes 4.5, Solaris, Lotus Notes C-API
Skills Administration, Analysis, C-API, Cluster, Development
Project tasks Development of lotus notes agents to change settings in lotus notes mail databases with LotusScript and the C-API


Duration 05.2000 - 07.2000


Line of business regional state bank
Customer 5000
Place of Work München
Project title Developer
Project role Developer
Tools/Products Microsoft SQL-Server, MSDE, Visual Basic
Skills LDAP, Development, SQL
Project tasks Development of a log database Mails from Exchange folders were filtered, parsed and set in a MS-SQL database using a Visual Basic program. The data were displayed via a tree structure display


Duration 04.1998 - 12.1999


Line of business regional state bank
Customer 5000
Place of Work Munich
Project title Developer, Administrator
Project role Developer, Administrator
Tools/Products Novel 3.11, Novell 4.x, Windows NT, WinBatch, Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), Windows 3.11
Skills Software Deployment, Development
Project tasks Development of scripts with WinBatch, later Windows Scripting Host for software distribution (via SMS) and configuration of anti-virus software to > 2500 clients at the main site and in German branches on servers running Novell 3.11 and Novell 4.x and clients running Windows NT Planning and monitoring of the software distribution


Duration 04.1997 - 12.1997


Line of business regional state bank
Customer 5000
Place of Work Munich
Project title Administrator
Project role Second-Level-Support
Tools/Products Windows NT, Novell
Skills Support, Upgrade, Migration
Project tasks Windows-NT Second-Level-Support Server Installation (CICS, DB2, SAS) Configuration of Database Connections Upgrade Windows NT clients with SysPrep


Duration 01.1986 - 12.1996


Line of business other companies
Place of Work -
Project title -
Project role -
Tools/Products REXX, OS/2, C, C-Isam, DB2, AS/400, Procedure Language/400, IBM/36, Windows NT, RAS, ISDN, BTX, Access, SQL, RDB, VMS, Token Ring, Banyan Vines, Hotline, BS2000, Lotus Symphony
Skills Administration, Development
Project tasks Further experiences from previous self-employment and employee activity Performance tests for various virus scanner products with a self-developed application that simulates realistic workloads by linking the Office products via OLE Assembler - direct Screen Access for a Inventory management system Programming Language C and C-ISAM- Inventory management system Billing system (OS/2 mit DB2, AS/400) Procedure Language 400 - Overview of the sales representative's invoice for the structure distribution of a publisher REXX - Implementation routines for the banking software "Foundation" on OS/2 OS/2 Communication Manager, LAN-Server-Netzwork - Problem analysis and Configuration of a Character Conversation between host and Printers due to problems with east european character sets IBM/36 - Systemmanager und Responsible for the IT of the group of companies AS/400 - IT-Manager and Developer - Development and System-Upgrades on AS/400 Installation and Configuration of Lotus Notes on Windows NT in 2 branches with a dial up connection RAS-Configuration on an ISDN-connection IT support with Installation of the network and Development of an Customer Database Development of Queries for data from BTX and transmission to an Access database for a private work placement company Preparation of the data from the access database for the transmission to the ePost system of the Deutsche Post AG via Modem and ISDN Development of Evaluation programs and data exchange procedures for data transmission to the shipping company in C and SQL under OS/2 and OS/400 Planing and deployment of a Token Ring Network to provide access for terminals and PCs to the AS/400 Siemens Netzwork Hotline for Banyan Vines Check and reconcile data on RDB/VMS Siemens Datacenter - BS2000 - Operating Development of a macro-controlled project management with Lotus Symphony





Projekt Aufbau Mail- und Collaborationsystem Lotus Notes/Domino, 05/05 - 09/05

Referenz durch IT Operations Manager, Thales Information Systems, vom 01.10.05

"Der Consultant hat eigenstaendig die Einrichtung eines kompletten Email-Systems als Teil der IT-Infrastruktur einer neu gegruendeten Bank in Saudi Arabien geplant, koordiniert und technisch durchgefuehrt. Das Projekt musste im Rahmen sehr knapper und feststehender Termine ausgeliefert werden, um der Bank zum notwendigen Zeitpunkt ein Kommunikationssystem fuer die interne und externe Kommunikation zur Verfuegung zu stellen. Der Consultant hat mit seiner weitreichenden Erfahrung mit der Lotus Notes und Domino Umgebung stets zur Einhaltung der Termine beigetragen. Bei der Planung von nicht im ursprueglichem Arbeitsumfamg vorhandenen Funktionalitaeten hat der Consultant stets korrekte Zeitplanungen abgeliefert und eingehalten. Dank seiner weitreichenden Kenntnisse der Lotus Notes und Domino Produktreihen, war es im Laufe der Implementierung und der abschliessenden Betreuung des Systems dank seiner Wissensfuelle nicht notwendig auf den IBM-eigenen Support (der in Saudi Arabien nicht direkt erreichbar ist) zuzugreifen. Der Consultant war in dem ihm zugewiesenen Teilbereich des Gesamtprojektes ein effizienter, vertrauenswuerdiger und fleissiger Mitarbeiter, der stets den an ihn gestellten Anforderungen gerecht wurde. Sein persoenlicher Umgang mit allem Projektmitarbeitern und seinen Vorgesetzten, auch anderer Nationalitaeten war stets tadellos. Seine Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache sind internationalen Projekten mit der Arbeitssprache Englisch angemessen. Ich empfehle den Consultant uneingeschraenkt zur Durchfuehrung von Projekten und zur technischen Betreuung von Systemen im Bereich Lotus Notes und Domino, und wuerde ihn jederzeit erneut in einem Team als Mitarbeiter in diesen Bereichen einsetzen."


Projekt Administration Domino/Websphere unserer Intranet-Anwendung, 01/01 -12/02

Referenz durch Finanzdienstleister (30.000 MA im Außendienst) vom 20.12.02

"Der Consultant wird seit Januar 2001 im Hause der Deutschen Vermögensberatung AG als IT-Berater im IT-Projekt "VB-Portal" im Bereich Domino und Websphere-Administration eingesetzt. Seine Haupttätigkeiten umfassten die Mitarbeit an unserem Intranet-Portal: Administration der Websphere- und Domino-Server und Entwicklung an unserem personalisierten Portal für unsere Aussendienstmitarbeiter - die Vermögensberater erhalten Zugriff auf sämtliche Informationen, die für ihren Berufsstand und das konkrete Geschäft von Interesse sind, wie z.B. Produkte, aktuelle Börsenkurse und -infos, Nachrichten, Onlineshop, Wettbewerbe, Nachschlagewerke, E-Mail, Suchfunktion. Der Consultant verfügt über ein umfassendes und jederzeit verfügbares Fachwissen, mit dessen Hilfe er auch komplexe Aufgabenstellungen in kürzester Zeit sehr erfolgreich löst. Er hat einen sicheren Blick für das Wesentliche und arbeitet stets planvoll und methodisch. Der Consultant identifiziert sich eindrucksvoll mit den ihm erteilten Aufträgen und berücksichtigt dabei stets die Anforderungen und Ziele des Auftraggebers. Im Projektteam ist er ein anerkannter und geschätzter Kollege, der durch seine ausgeprägten integrativen Fähigkeiten in hohem Maß zum Gelingen der Projekte beiträgt. Durch seine hohe fachliche Leistung und durch seine überdurchschnittliche Einsatzbereitschaft erwarb er sich die Anerkennung und Wertschätzung seiner Auftraggeber."


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